On time

At some point in your life you’ve probably arrived late to – or completely missed, one of these:

  •  A deadline (for school or work)
  • A show or concert
  • A doctor appointment
  • A dinner date
  • Bills
  • Bus/plane/train/boat to somewhere
  • Court… (yeah, that’s kinda bad huh?)

One thing is for certain, life doesn’t wait for anybody and time cannot be controlled.  Your best bet is that whatever you have scheduled to do or planned on doing, being on time – even early, puts you in a better position to get things done in your life. So, sure, we’ve all missed some event in our lives. But the consistently late, hopelessly tardy, absent all the time mindset is not the business. That is a way of life that produces missed opportunities, wastes precious time (yours and others’) and keeps you playing catch up…to everything.

So what to do?

Three words: Organize your life!

Remember time cannot, absolutely cannot, be controlled.  Learn to manage time wisely and make it a friend. How? Leave early for appointments, pay bills well before the due date then, move on to something else. It all comes down to time management.  The better you become at managing your time the more time you have for more useful endeavours, like watching the game.

Being on time sets you up on the right track, your day flows like a river in the spring and anyone that deals with you will appreciate how you respect their time and not waste it needlessly.

Keep it smooth.