DIY Moment

There is something personally rewarding and immensely satisfying about building/creating anything with your own two hands. Knowing you don’t have to depend on store-bought items for all of your needs is a reminder that humans are more than just mindless consumers.  That is empowering!

Use your hands and build something, make something, tinker with something, break something, mess up an experiment discover a new process.  Some of the best inventions were created accidentally or were created because someone wonder and asked “why?” and tried to find an answer. These DIYers changed the game in their respective industries. You never know what you’re capable of until you get in that garage, basement or outdoor shed and put in work!

To those with children here is a book that fosters the DIY spirit and if nothing else you’ll spend good time with your kids.



Don’t let the title fool you (I admit it’s a bit of a misnomer, there are no DIY projects for creating pipe bombs or anything dangerous like that) it’s not dangerous in the methods but dangerous in reminding kids that being outside and using your hands to build and other activities can be achieved without the aid of a computer or smart phone.  Using your brain is the most dangerous accessory at one’s disposal.

The other book is Handy Dad.  IMG_3791

If you are a weekend warrior or just a humble hand tool person this book is quite useful in practicing your manual dexterity and bonding with your kids.  There are projects where you can build a half-pipe for your aspiring skater, a zip line, even a go-kart. We also are huge fans of Make magazine the mecca of DIY where you can see many projects that you can do at home and even modify yourself be it woodworking, metal working, electronics or the like.

All right you get the idea now, right? Good, now get your hands involved and make something and get away from the computer for a moment.


Read on, Part II

Langston Hughes was one of the most well-known poets, novelist, playwrights in American history. In honor of Black History Month –  and to once again highlight the importance of reading, this here is The Best of Simple based on the created character of Jesse B. Semple.

You read a few of these and you’ll say to yourself, I swear I know a dude just like this! Here’s a little excerpt to work with:

Watch yourself! Have you no respect for women?” “I have nothing but respect for a figure like that,” said Simple. “Miss, your mama must of been sweet sixteen when she borned you. Sixteen divided by two, you come out a figure 8! Can I have a date? Hey, Lawdy, Miss Claudy! You must be deaf–you done left! I’m standing here by myself.”

“Come on, boy, let’s go on in the bar and put that door between me and temptation. If the air cooler is working, the treat’s on me. Let’s investigate. Anyhow, I always did say if you can’t be good, be careful. If you can’t be nice, take advice. If you don’t think once, you can’t think twice.”

Keep it smooth.


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When is the last time you sat down and read something – I mean really read something?

I don’t mean reading as in cell phone texts, a Facebook post or a tweet.

I’m talking about something with content; something with multi-syllabic words on a topic – any topic, that will get you to think, get you to wonder and get your brain off of television, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc.

Whether it’s a newspaper on your tablet or on your table, a book from the local library or from Amazon, you have to immerse yourself in something with content.

Why? Well, a man who is well read in a variety of subject matters can be a cool cat to have a conversation with (more on how to have a conversation in another post).  Being well read keeps you aware of the world around you and the various points-of-view within that world. Simply put, reading keeps you knowledgable, social and wanting to understand more.

The people, cultures,  foods, thoughts and ideas in this world are vast learn about them, read. Walking around with just one narrow viewpoint is as useless as reality TV and denies you from experiencing some excellent encounters.  Read about muscle cars, building muscle, a political memoir, money making in your sleep.

Smooth gentlemen it is your mission, your duty to read and showcase that new found whatever.