The Smooth Vintage blog came to be when a good friend and I were talking about the current state of 21st century men in the United States.  In our experiences over the last 3 to 4 years us guys seemed to lack a sense of confidence, charisma and unique character that had the ability to take over a room, with finesse.  I figured it would be useful to discuss why that is because few blogs or websites actually did it successfully. The more fellas (and women) I spoke with the more necessary it was to rehash the classic ways of being a man but with a smooth, modern feel.

A generation of guys need encouragement on style, mannerism, having a good time, talking to a women, DIY projects, tying knots, BBQ and other topics. No, we don’t have the answers to everything life might throw at you but who does? This is a place to share our collective experiences and have fun with it.

Above all else Smooth Vintage is about doing our best to be better to others and better to ourselves.


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