Winter outerwear


We are deep into the winter season in California and whether you believe it or not it gets cold! Snow in the north, rain and frost can make anyone want to spark up a fire and just stay inside for the entire day.  However, most of us do not have the luxury to stay home each day the weather isn’t pleasant (bills need to be paid, ya know) so the proper outerwear is needed to get you from point A to point B as dry and as fly as possible.  Keep in mind one good quality coat is all you need to make it though any winter. Putting down a few extra dollars for a jacket that will last for several years is definitely a smart investment. But with all the brands, styles and fabrics to choose from what will work?  Choose what is comfortable, affordable and keeps you looking sharp.  The coat doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest you see in the store.  Why? Because another latest and greatest coat will be in the store next week. We suggest that you save your money and go with what works.

Here are a few options we like to rock on those cold nights and frigid days:

Wool coat: Whether it’s a top coat, peacoat or duffel, a wool coat will keep your body at the right temperature while the world around you is freezing. Wool coats these days are made to be lightweight and durable so you don’t feel as if you placed an extra 40 pounds on. Also a wool coat just looks good in either casual or professional settings. After you close that business deal you won’t miss a beat as you head out and get a couple of drinks with the fellas later in the evening.

Leather jacket: Rugged, stylish and timeless the leather jacket should be a staple in every man (and woman’s) closet. Perfect for the cool weather months and just an all around smooth piece of attire. What more needs to be said? Just be sure to be mindful of quality and price.

Puff coat: Some call them parkas, bubble jackets, or even down jackets but whatever the name this coat is a great choice. To put it another way, if you experience winters where the high temperature gets to about 10 degrees and the low is in the negative numbers then this coat is a requirement. It is lightweight and insanely warm, so much so you wouldn’t mind taking on a blizzard as you walk to work.  Please don’t actually do that though.

Trench coat: This item right here is vintage attire. A sleek and iconic coat so much so that movies had you believe if you had a trench coat you could move faster than bullets (the Matrix), romance any woman (Casablanca) and be the baddest detective ever (Inspector Gadget….okay, maybe not). By wearing a trench coat you have a duty to uphold, to exude coolness and a smooth sense of style like no one else because no one else can be like you. Wet weather will no longer be an annoyance as you head out to your job ready to take on the day.

Keep it smooth.


Happy 2015!

From everyone at Smooth Vintage we want to wish you a very Happy New Year. 2014 was challenging, rewarding, frustrating but we are still here making it happen.

In 2015 let’s set goals to be better, wiser and ready to take on the world.

To a smooth 2015!