Hello Just Means Hello

Fellas, here we are, deep into the autumn season.  Halloween has come and gone, the weather is cooler, sweaters are in the wardrobe rotation and intimate, close encounters with our female counterparts have taken on a new perspective.  In our quest to find a woman who suits our personality, tastes and overall zest for life, it is crucial – even mandatory, to remember one basic nugget of information in man and woman relationships.

Let’s say you cross paths with a delightful woman at a church function, at the grocery store, buying food at the farmer’s market, or where ever; and by chance for a moment she looks your way and says, “Hello” she means just that. Hello.

Do not try make this moment more than what it is because most likely you’ll either embarrass yourself or just freak her out.  If you watch the show Big Bang Theory – the character Raj lacks confidence when dealing with the fairer sex.  In one particular episode Raj was in a coffee shop, approached a woman and said “Hi”. She responded in kind but unfortunately he took that as a cue to tell her his entire life story in minutes and then out of desperation strip naked in front of her.  A pain to watch and without a moment’s hesitation the young lady ran away with the quickness.

Now we know you’re thinking to yourself that’s just television and it’s just an extreme case but too easily the above scenario can become reality if one is lacking self-assurance. If the universe for any reason beckons her to utter the word “Hello” go with a conservative approach and positive outlook – she is a nice person acknowledging your existence.  That is all, no subliminal messages or female mind games at work, she just wants to be.  Don’t be coy, say hello right back, strike up a conversation if she’s in the mood and see where it goes.

Above all else keep it simple show interest not desperation by asking engaging questions (i.e. if she was reading a book ask about that) and have a fun time . Forcing her into your zone is only a trigger for her to become tense, distrustful and ready to turn the other way.

Remember, when you next meet a woman and a “Hi” is all you get take it for what it is.  Women notice us before we realize anything concrete about the situation so take it easy and let it flow. The less you do may be the best approach for good things to develop.

Keep it smooth!