DIY Moment

There is something personally rewarding and immensely satisfying about building/creating anything with your own two hands. Knowing you don’t have to depend on store-bought items for all of your needs is a reminder that humans are more than just mindless consumers.  That is empowering!

Use your hands and build something, make something, tinker with something, break something, mess up an experiment discover a new process.  Some of the best inventions were created accidentally or were created because someone wonder and asked “why?” and tried to find an answer. These DIYers changed the game in their respective industries. You never know what you’re capable of until you get in that garage, basement or outdoor shed and put in work!

To those with children here is a book that fosters the DIY spirit and if nothing else you’ll spend good time with your kids.



Don’t let the title fool you (I admit it’s a bit of a misnomer, there are no DIY projects for creating pipe bombs or anything dangerous like that) it’s not dangerous in the methods but dangerous in reminding kids that being outside and using your hands to build and other activities can be achieved without the aid of a computer or smart phone.  Using your brain is the most dangerous accessory at one’s disposal.

The other book is Handy Dad.  IMG_3791

If you are a weekend warrior or just a humble hand tool person this book is quite useful in practicing your manual dexterity and bonding with your kids.  There are projects where you can build a half-pipe for your aspiring skater, a zip line, even a go-kart. We also are huge fans of Make magazine the mecca of DIY where you can see many projects that you can do at home and even modify yourself be it woodworking, metal working, electronics or the like.

All right you get the idea now, right? Good, now get your hands involved and make something and get away from the computer for a moment.