A Helping Hand

Last week  after dropping off my children at school, I started to drive out of the school parking lot and I noticed two kids, sent to throw out the classroom recycling, at the dumpster. The two were clearly struggling to open the dumpster, keep it open and toss the recycled materials in.

At first glance, I was going to just leave them to their business and continue to drive on off to work but some part of me decided to put my car and reverse and ask if they needed any help.  “You guys need any help with that dumpster?” I called out.

The smaller of the two went ahead and replied back, “No, that’s okay we got this.” I nodded in agreement, put my car back into gear and started to drive off.  Then a few seconds later I heard, “Actually, could you help us out? The dumpster lid is a bit too high for us.” I smiled, turned off my car engine and said, “No problem.”

Just a minute out of my day to lend a hand, I received a thank you for the kids and that was it.  All that mattered was someone needed help and it was given.  To all my smooth people out there, take the time out to lend a hand to help someone even if it seems like an inconvenience or insignificant.

People remember the little things you do and it really goes a long way.



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