Break up the Routine

You know, our main aim on Smooth Vintage is to provide [from our experiences and others] useful insight, knowledge, opinions and tips about being a man in this modern age with a little classic flavor from a gentleman’s perspective. But, it is always a privilege to get some true game, some real talk from a good women.  A woman who won’t b.s. with you and just tell you how the ladies in general really feel and what they want or don’t want from us most times.

Let me tell you how it went down for me.

It was last Friday afternoon at my job and I’m heading to the break room for a snack.  I was more than ready for the work week to come to an end so the weekend could get started! I get to the break room, get my goods, sit and chill. A friend of mine comes in and we talk about movies, people and relationships. We talk about marriage, kids and the daily routine that sets in after some time. Then she throws me off with this question.

When’s the last time you gave your wife flowers just because?

Damn, hmm, when WAS the last time I gave her flowers just because?

Then she went on to say it didn’t matter if they were $10 flowers or just one rose but how women need/love the small reminders from us guys that show we appreciate them. Even a small note hidden in her purse or bag to say “Have a great day, beautiful” means more than you can imagine.  I started recalling early on in my relationship how I used to send flowers all the time, write notes and leave them in her car or bag, call her up and say I love her and make her feel sexy and admired.

Yes, women need to feel admired and women need to feel sexy and wanted as if they are the last designer boots on sale at Nine West.  It’s our task as husbands and boyfriend to make that happen. But when you start having kids, having a career and getting that responsibility thing rolling you just get into a routine.  Pick up the children, clean the house, make dinner, how was your day, yada-yada, then start over again.  Even if you don’t have kids routine still comes a lurking. Eat, go to work, come home, eat, night-cap, sleep, repeat.  Those little reminders and sentiments become a little less frequent.

But smooth gentlemen we have to break the routine and do our part to let our spouses know why they hooked up with us.  Tell her she looks good, surprise her for lunch, give her a kiss in public, smack her on the ass when she ain’t looking and palm it.  Palm it good!! Make her smile should be the key phrase every day.

Needless to say I did what my friend suggested and bought flowers for my lady that Friday and the look on her face was priceless. It’s all that mattered.

Monday morning though, I still had a smile on my face from what was a really good weekend!


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