Did That Just Happen?

I’m going to share a situation that happened to me this past week.  It was a great reminder to showcase your etiquette and good humor when it’s easy to be just an ass and make someone’s afternoon difficult, even your own. So here goes.

I’m at Trader Joe’s getting groceries and leave my cart for maybe less than a minute to get applesauce.  I turn back around and my cart is gone! Poof, Houdini-type magic gone and I’m walking down the aisles of the store looking around like I lost my car keys. After what seemed to be a long while I discover this woman pushing my cart like it’s nothing.  I approach her in a gentle, non-threatening manner and say, “Miss, I think you have my cart”.  She looks extra confused, looks down at the cart of food and says, “Oh, this isn’t mine! I’m sorry, they look all the same!”
Kinda funny to imagine taking a cart without taking the time to look inside to make sure the food in there looks, you know, familiar. I get it if you’re shopping quickly or have an out of body experience for a few seconds, it happens.  What was the most hilarous moment was later on when I saw her, she didn’t even have a cart with her this woman was just walking around with peanut butter and pasta. Not even a small basket.
I could be wrong but I bet she was waiting to jack another cart of food. Luckily, I practiced my gentleman characteristics and just brushed this incident off as a fun story to tell.
Stay smooth.

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