The Smell Goods

I remember the first time I sprayed on my father’s cologne and I am sure all of us have done this either to impress a girl, impress a group of girls or just to see what the big deal was.  I was twelve or thirteen years of age and of course I thought I was a man. My mustache was starting to surface, I was gaining some height and the girls at school were taking notice, yes sir! One morning after I showered, combed my hair I went ahead and put on my dad’s cologne (the one with the ship and nicely shaped bottle). I’ll definitely say this, me going overboard was an understatement.  I put the cologne on my wrists, my neck, my arms, down my pants!  What ever location I thought made sense in my thirteen year old mind, I put cologne there.  I even doused the back of my knees.  I learned a valuable lesson that morning into the afternoon.  Not all smell goods make you smell good and less is definitely more.

I know better now that I’m in my early thirties and know that it’s a duty to give back so those younger than me do no make the same mistakes. A quick breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of the smell goods:

1. Sample the cologne first:  This should be an obvious one.  You don’t buy a car before you test drive it first, same mechanics for cologne. Spray a sample on your wrist and let it marinate for a few seconds.  Let the scent introduce itself to you.  Then decide, “Yea, baby this ain’t gonna work out” or “Yea, you coming home with me baby!

2. Brand names aren’t always the best: Sure, you can go ahead and pay over $100 for that fancy bottle if you want to, no cashier will stop that transaction.  Truth be told, many men and women I’ve talked with say the difference between a $30 and a $100 bottle of cologne is slight.  Don’t get me wrong though, cheap cologne is cheap cologne and you should stay clear of it unless you like smelling like sour vinegar. Be sensible go for what works for you, not what a label tells you.

3. Apply just a small amount: Good cologne doesn’t need to be splashed all over you to smell great. At that point too much just makes you a sensory annoyance!

4. Have some variety: This is not to say you should have 9 different bottles of cologne at your disposal, but if that’s your thing more power to you! However, if you’ve been using the same cologne since age 20 and you’re now 32 maybe it is time to revise and upgrade.  You could be missing out on your new signature scent for the next 12 years.

5. Cologne is best after a shower, not before: Yes, cologne, even the best, cannot substitute for soap and water.  Do yourself a favor and those around you and don’t mix funk with your smell good. You don’t want to be that guy.

Keep the smoothness happening everyone!


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