Guy’s Night Out

Every so often the work week has been less than perfect and we all need to hang out with our support group to relax, catch up and talk sports, politics, women and whatever comes to mind.  You call up the fellas, pick a spot to go, a time to meet and see who’s picking up the first round of drinks.  Now for me and many in my situation things are a bit different now that I’m in my thirties.  Still young enough to know about the hot spots but old enough to know what spots you really don’t need to go (i.e. get yourself arrested, shot, deported or divorced).  Hot spots at age 21 shouldn’t be the same as age 31. I am a man of smoothness now so I have to be…cautious.  Here’s my breakdown of guy’s night out, where you should and probably should not go:

Nightclubs:  College and post college, basically most of your twenties, was the time to hit the club.  Throw on some jeans, semi-decent shirt, wait in line for an hour and pay an expensive cover charge.  Then buy a few watered down drinks, priced the same as filling up your gas tank, and stand on the wall – waiting for something to jump off; or maybe you were on the dance floor with barely enough room to rub up on somebody and dance.  But now you’re a smooth gentlemen, the club should not be your spot anymore.  You want to play conquer the kitty fine, just let somebody know so, they don’t waste their life standing in line or paying a cover to aid in your quest.

Strip clubs: There was an era in time when watching a booty bounce 6 inches from your face in a dark seedy place with other fellas might have been a suitable, even encouraged but nowadays you know better.  Outside of the occasional bachelor party destination going to a strip club for guy’s night out just seems desperate.  I love the female body but I don’t need a strip club to appreciate it either. Do you really want to spend your payday money on Natasha for her pole skills and fake charm or save that money to buy a surround sound system home theater where you can see whoever you want bouncing in your own living room?

Restaurants/Sports Bars: I don’t mind restaurants as long as certain protocols are in place in the very beginning:  No fine dining – I mean really, we’re chillin’ fellas, this is not a date.  The venue must have a TV, in between talking about work and Rhianna we have to keep track of the score. Sports bars are a given as long as everyone knows to show up early.  Hovering waiting for a place to sit is not the business.

Jazz club/lounge: If you are with the right group of fellas places like this can never go wrong.  You’ve got music, food, room to sit (if you get there early enough) and talk trash with the fellas and check out some fantastic eye candy in the process (yes!).  Some of the best guy’s night out moments so far have been at places like these. Out here in the Bay Area several venues are perfect for a night out and I’m sure where ever you are the same is true, just call up your people pick a spot and make it happen.  Remember the goal is to enjoy the night on a mature level, flirt a little, drink a little and unwind.

Pool Hall:  For some this may be a weekly ritual for others maybe once a month or so.  I guess it depends on your click of fellas.  I’ve gone a few times, tried a couple of trick shots and I’ve usually had a good time.  Couple drinks with a few games I was good to go.  This was just all for fun, not trying to be the pool shark out to hustle and collect debts and break fingers, ya know!

That’s my list and I’m sure there are plenty of other should and should not go spots out there but overall keep it smooth and safe.  Guy’s night out shouldn’t result in jail time, hospital visits or strange beds in the morning, unless that’s your thing. More power to you.


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