The Almighty Hat

I have reconnected with the supreme stylings, the elegant contours of headwear. Sorry to disappoint some but the headwear discussed will not include ball caps, beanies or wave caps (for real, dudes still wear those?).  There is a time and place for them but I’m taking about mature hats.  I won’t go into detail about the different hat styles, methods of wearing a hat, storage, coordination of hat so on and so forth.  That will be for another post in the future instead I’ll speak on why a guy needs a good hat.  Picture this if you will, going out to dinner with your lady and you all are heading to a nice restaurant, movie and walk around the town. You get dressed to impress, slacks on, of course. Button up shirt and tie, indeed. Dress shoes looking sharp and clean, yes.  Coat on, you bet. Ready to go and enjoy the movie.  Whoa, hold up now.  Missing ingredient, and I missed it for years.

The hat is the centerpiece, the icing on the cake of your wardrobe. The one accessory a man wears that is immediately noticed and gives a glimpse of your uniqueness.  It adds an element of cool and compliments your outfit to give it extra presence.  Think of it this way, you can eat world-class gourmet pancakes or waffles without maple syrup/honey/agave if you want to but you won’t.  You can have a 5-star rated salad without the dressing but you won’t. Why? Because the honey, syrup and salad dressing add flavor and character to the overall experience.  That is what a good hat will do.  It will add flavor and character, the hat will bring out the distinguished classy appearance and enhance an already excellent outfit. At a minimum it will keep your head warm while you look good.

A good hat will let your persona shine through and women know a man who can wear a hat has that confidence.  I typically go with a fedora or kangol but you’ll find what works for you.  As mentioned earlier there will be a post on the different hat styles and the ways to wear a hat.  Once you take that step to embrace the almighty hat it is game over and you’ll be winning.


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