Decline an invitation?

This past Thursday a friend at work invited me out to lunch.  It was a warm day, slight breeze nothing too out of the ordinary and the plan was to meet up at 12:58.  I was all with it, I like food. Then at about 11:30 I receive a text. “Hey change in plans, my husband is coming out for lunch and I’m going to meet him at so-so place, at 12:10.  Wanna join us?”.  At first I said to myself, hmm okay, but I just started working on a task and won’t be done till 12.  Then I told her, “I started a task, won’t be done until 12. It’d be cool to meet your husband, but another time.”

Then the plan changed again.

Now the met time changed to 12:20 and the lunch was relocated to a spot closer to work, about 5 minutes away.  The scenario is swirling in my head, husband is making an effort to come down to be with his lady. I know I would be a little upset if I was planning to meet my wife for lunch and other folk came to join.  At this point, I’m trying to take the gentleman approach. I’m thinking to myself I don’t want to be the third leg. I was going to gracefully bow out! I told my friend “look thanks, but he’s coming to see you I don’t want to intrude.”  I tried a variety of smooth excuses to get out of this but she told me all was cool and that he really wanted to meet up.  In the end I just bit the bullet and decided to go.

I’m glad I did.  It was a great lunch and overall fun experience.  Sometimes declining an invitation is necessary, time conflicts, prior engagements whatever.  Then, there are those that you just should go against your gut and rock it.  You never know the coolness you might miss out on.


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