Made in…

Do we make anything anymore in the United States? Okay. I know we do but damn, every time I get that itch to buy some clothes, an electronic device, a ballpoint pen from any store its origins most often are…international.  Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all! I like variety, options, a chance to experience a product that can’t be made anywhere else but that country only.  But it’s a shame when we as a society are morphing from being producers to mere consumers.  A throwaway culture because we can always buy another at the store.  Authenticity is scarce.

I decided to do a little something because I was tired of feeling as if my only option for anything was to buy it. I knew I could make something that wouldn’t require a Ph.D or be too time-consuming.  I looked up how to make soap, the different methods and techniques to make soap, and what ingredients to use.  It felt good! I built on that empowering moment and started making deodorants, aftershaves, toothpaste, my wife even put together a skateboard for my birthday.  I’m thinking of also making my own BBQ grill, a burglar alarm, a lightsaber! The point is build something.  Use your hands to create, craft, cultivate, code, cut apart, chisel or carve something of your own doing.  If nothing else it’ll give you a reason to make the garage useful again.

Be smooth.


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