What does respect mean to you?

We know all the classic cliches and quotes about it, right? Respect is earned, not gained. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Respect starts at home, Aretha Franklin singing about respect, so on and so on.  I agree with it all.  Respect is one of those fundamental characteristics that shape us, define us as a society or as individuals.  We respect a profession, firefighters battling a blaze, surgeons operating on a patient’s heart, sanitation workers cleaning up your crap.  We respect the underdog, a survivor, a deserved ass whooping.  It all ties in together in to this beautiful mosaic of singing, laughter, hugs and skittles thrown in the air.

Then there are those days…

Those moments, those situations, those people who don’t deserve your respect.  It would be lost on them.  They would take the respect you give them, tear it up, grind it put it in the oven and call it dinner. If you had the option and the law wouldn’t be involved you’d throw that person out the window as a gift to humanity.

But, we at Smooth Vintage know better. We can’t go down to that level and neither do you. So keep on respecting to the best of your abilities. I’ll respect that.


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