Every day greeting

I have a minor pet peeve that has been irritating me more and more as the years go by and maybe you as well share this sentiment.  Let me set up an illustration for you to follow that will explain.

Scenario:  you are feeling, looking and displaying a level of smoothness on a Thursday morning better than any Thursday morning you’ve had in recent memory. Breath is so clean and minty fresh that you might have a pack of gum in your own name by the time you get groceries that afternoon.  You’re walking down the street and see a fellow human being and greet this person as you would any other human being to acknowledge their existence. In response to your well-intentioned greeting you receive…nothing but a blank stare! For real?  You mean to tell me one can’t, at a minimum, give a head nod, a “What up?”, a “hey” under your breath?  Sad.

I’m not saying we should all walk down the street skipping and hold hands and tipping our hat at  everyone we see unless that’s really your thing, but come on, man to man, dude to dude; man to woman even.

As my brother says, can’t trust another man that can’t even respond to a head nod.  You might get jacked!


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